R&L 15th

Things To Do in Tagaytay in December

Tagaytay Picnic Grove
Pine trees
Taal Volcano
Wind Residences Tagaytay
Christmas Shop
Eiffel Tower Display / Pickup Coffee

Crystal is the traditional gift theme associated with the 15th wedding anniversary, its beautiful facets signifying the dazzling splendour of a lasting happy marriage. As crystal is fragile and easily broken, so it reminds the couple to nurture their relationship to prevent it from breaking down.

Happy 15th Year Wedding Anniversary! Faith. Love. Success.

Strawberry Taho
Horseback riding / Big Php 200.00; Small Php 150.00. 
Char’s Garden Cafe
Be merry
Twin Lakes Tagaytay

Travel in Tagaytay Locations::

  • Tagaytay Picnic Grove
  • Wind Residences
  • Twin Lakes
  • Char’s Garden Cafe Tagaytay
  • Acienda Designer Outlet
  • Second Cup of Coffee
December 11, 2023
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