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A new year indeed for me. New place, new home, new lifestyle. I’m starting to pack my stuffs. I’ll be missing Makati. Sniff. Trash the independence for awhile.

I’m getting married.

I’m moving to Shaw from Makati a week from now. After 4+ years of independence, I’m going home. I’ll be staying with my family again. Those years have taught me a lot..ahm, okay except cooking. Way way back when I’m at home, I am a princess. My father can cook well and he loves to prepare food for us. So I thought / they thought that I will learn those chores once I became an independent. But I failed. Chowking & KFC cooks well too. Grin.

In fairness, I have earned plus points when it comes to budgeting and managing expenses. I do the laundry sometimes but the laundry shop do it most of the time. Haha. Ohwell. In short, I’m not an efficient independent individual.

At least (and I hope), I won’t be late anymore coz the new place is near Ortigas office already. I can sense the new responsibility ahead. For sure, I’ll be in charge with the bills and other expenses most of the time.

But on the brighter side, I think it’s better this way coz I miss home. I miss being a princess. I miss eating in a dining table with family.

It speaks of new adjustment too. I’m afraid, I’m only comfortable with the Makati crowd. The new house is in Mandaluyong Area.

Throwback 2007 | Apartment for Rent in Shaw Boulevard

November 4, 2017
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