Guide to Starting an E-commerce Business

Online Shopping. Use eCommerce platform.

Apply for a Business Name in the Philippines

Choose a product to sell online. Find niche market.

  • Food Lovers
  • Beauty
  • Gadget
  • Fashion
  • Interior
  • Books
  • Web Themes, and more.

Business Name Generator

List of Fashion Retailers 2021

Lulu and GeorgiaRebecca Minkoff USAnn TaylorGuess Canada

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Business Guide To BIR, DTI, And SEC Application

  • BIR FORM 1901 – Application Form for Single Proprietors
  • BIR FORM 1903 – Application Form for Partnerships and Corporations

Other BIR business registration document requirements:

  • DTI or SEC certificates. Bring original and photo copies
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Contract of Lease if you rent the place of business, or Land Title/Tax Declaration if you own the place of business.
  • Business location map

Social Security System (SSS) Employer’s Registration
Employers must submit the SSS coverage of an employee within (30) days of employment.

How to Register


  • Employer Registration Form (SS Form R-1)
  • Submitted with the Specimen Signature Card (SS Form L-501)

To be a registered SSS employer, you must accomplish and submit the following:

Single Proprietors’ Document Requirements:

  • Employer Registration – SSS Form R-1, registration may be done through the SSS website
  • Employment Report – R-1A
  • DTI or SEC Certificate
  • Mayor’s Permit and Barangay Clearance
  • Main documents such as baptismal, birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card or Seaman’s Book.

Create your company website and choose your hosting provider.

March 8, 2021