Share Art that Touches Hearts and Changes Children’s Lives

This year’s limited-edition UNICEF Cards feature the masterful works of renowned Filipino painter Mauro “Malang” Santos. Through vivid color, Malang celebrated the bliss and goodness of life—and through his art, you can now play a role in passing on that inspiration as you help create a better, more colorful future for children in need. Get a set of 10 UNICEF Cards for every one-time donation of P1,000 to help us deliver life-saving and life-building aid to vulnerable children.

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Mauro Santos (1928 – 2017) commonly known as “Malang”, is a Filipino cartoonist, illustrator, and painter. He was named Artist of the Year by the Society of Philippine Illustrators and Cartoonists in 1964 and was honored in 1981 with the Guide of Arts and Culture Award by the City of Manila. In later years, his work moved from illustration towards abstraction, and he is best remembered for his vivid color depictions of folk life in the Philippines.

December 23, 2023
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National Arts Month 2024

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