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Love. Faith. Joy | R&L Our Wedding Anniversary

Food Galore:

Food Lovers:

  • Laing (Bicolano Dish)
  • Beef Caldereta
  • Lengua in White Mushroom Sauce
  • Chicken
  • Favorite: Chocolate Mousse


Wedding Song (Alternative Rock Music Style)

  • This is our fate, I’m yours.
    I’m Yours / Jason Mraz
  • Wish I could be every little thing you wanted.
    Every Little Thing / Dishwalla
  • Well I’ve seen a thousand things in one place
    But I stopped my counting when I saw your face.
    1000 Things / Jason Mraz
  • So let’s go sail away in the night to a place where our love is right
    Can I keep you in my world?
    Stick Around / Azure
  • I walk over to where you are. If you’ll read my mind, you’ll see
    I’m crazy for you.
    Crazy For You / Spongecola
  • Certainly you’re mine and it’s brighter than sunshine.
    Brighter than Sunshine / Aqualung
  • There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be
    Than here with you it’s perfect.
    Mint Car / The Cure
December 11, 2020
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