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Wedding Checklist, Requirements and Ideas in the Philippines

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Congratulations to the gorgeous and beautiful bride-to-be!
You must be very excited to plan your wedding.

Wedding  Church Requirements:

  • 3 Sunday Publication of Marriage Bans
  • Permission from the Parish Priest
  • License to Solemnize Marriage (Officiating Priest)
  • Fully accomplished Canonical Investigation Form
  • Pre-Cana Seminar (EDSA Shrine 2 Sats)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Confession
  • Marriage License

Wedding  and Save the Date

Design Template Materials:

Wedding Checklist:

  • Wedding Bible
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Themes and Motif
  • Wedding Tips and Website (Optional)
  • Wedding Invitations and Missalette
  • Wedding Ring, Coins, Candles and Pillows
  • Bridal Car, Flowers, Candles and Decorations
  • Wedding Entourage Clothes
  • Bridal Gown and Accessories
  • Cake, Wine, Wedding Sign and Souvenir
  • Wedding Reception Supplies, Host, Venue, Caterings, Sound and Lights
  • List of Principal Sponsors , List of Entourage, Sponsors, Bridesmaid, Flower Girls and Maid of Honor
  • Wedding Shops

Checklist for the Bride:
Prep Attire / Cocktail, Gown, Shoes, Cord, 1st Veil, 2nd veil, Garter, Pouch, Hairpiece and Hairpins.

Checklist for the Groom:
The Suit, Gum or Mints, Deodorant and Wallet.

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Something Items For Brides:

  • Something old
  • Something new
  • Something blue
  • Something borrowed

Best Wedding Motif Color:

  • Green and Brown
  • Coral and Gold
  • Fall Blue and White
  • Maroon and Gray
  • Blush Pink and Brown


December 11, 2020